Four Against Darkness: A solitaire dungeon-delving pen-and-paper game

Four Against Darkness is a solitaire dungeon-delving game that may also be played cooperatively. No miniatures are needed. All you need is this book, a pencil, two dice, and grid paper. Choose four characters from a list of classic types (warrior, wizard, rogue, halfling, dwarf, barbarian, cleric, elf), equip them, and venture into dungeons created by dice rolls and your own choices. You will fight monsters, manage resources, grab treasure, dodge traps, find clues, and even accept quests from the monsters themselves. Your characters will level up, becoming more powerful with each game… IF THEY SURVIVE.

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About the Author

Andrea Sfiligoi is a freelance game designer who publishes games on . His tabletop games have been published in English, Italian, French, Spanish and German.
His best-known titles are tabletop wargames like the Origins-Award nominated Song of Blades and Heroes fantasy skirmish rules and the best-selling “Four Against Darkness” line of solo/coop adventure games. He also wrote Fear and FaithMutants and Death Ray GunsMighty MonstersOf Gods and MortalsA Fistful of Kung FuRogue StarsFuries of the BarrensFamiliars, and many others.
Andrea lives in Italy.