Master’s Minions: Raiders of The Wilderland Tabletop Miniatures

Fully assembled, unpainted miniatures means you can start your right out of the box or take some extra time with your TTRPG group to paint them up any way you like. These are made with paintable plastic, but make sure to prime them first for the best results. Every miniature is meticulously detailed and designed with an authentic experience in mind that looks like they’ve been ripped straight from the pages of the monster manual supplement or a player’s handbook. These minis give you an upgrade over wooden meeples, board game pawns, and DIY monster tokens and create more immersive experiences.

Raiders of the Wilderland is perfect for both starting and experienced Game Masters. The number and variety of pieces make for countless different adventures to send players on, all while adding a realness to each one.



  • Start Your Adventure: Our first set of tabletop miniatures, Raiders of the Wilderland, is designed to be compatible with the opening chapters of the adventure bundled in with the D&D Starter Set. You’ll meet goblins, rogues, bugbears and more, and will have all the miniatures required for the early encounters
  • The Lost Mine Of Phandelver: These minis are 25 mm and fit on 1″ hex grid battlemaps, dungeons tiles, and world maps. The monsters are ripped straight from the beginning chapters of The Lost Mine of Phandelver campaign and they are compatible with DnD, Pathfinder or other Fantasy RPGs
  • Paint Them Your Way: Our minis come unpainted, so they are completely customizable to fit any campaign. Miniatures must be primed before painting. Primer and paint not included
  • High-Definition Detail: Intricately detailed and fully assembled, all 23 of our miniatures are designed to give an authentic feel to every campaign. Towering bugbears and vicious looking wolves will immerse players into any world
  • What’s In The Box: The Raiders of the Wilderland set features a sorceror, knight and skeletal cyclops along with various bugbears, rogues, wolves and goblins. Whether you’re a novice or veteran Game Master, these detailed miniatures make a perfect addition to any collection